Time-Tested Investment Philosophy and Process

Investment Philosophy

The securities of advantaged, wealth generating businesses are often mispriced because most investors do not fully comprehend the companies’ potential for sustained high growth and improved profitability. Several trends accentuate this phenomenon.

Key Pillars of our Investment Process

Security Selection Drives Returns

  • Seek an early understanding advantage
  • Emphasize quality businesses benefiting from long-term trends with sustainable competitive advantages to exploit those trends
  • Disciplined on valuation

Long-Term Focus

  • Low turnover approach with average holding period of five years
  • Inherently tax efficient

Concentrated, Conviction Weighted Portfolios

  • Best idea portfolios of typically 30 to 40 holdings, international and global, respectively
  • Top holdings drive future returns
  • Thoughtful diversification

We believe there is simply no better way to achieve long-term capital appreciation.