A Q&A with Brian Beitner, CFA

Brian Beitner formed Chautauqua Capital Management in January 2009 and is the Senior Portfolio Manager for the Chautauqua International Growth Strategy and Chautauqua Global Growth Strategy. Of his migration from focusing purely on US equities toward global and international investing, he says:

"My exposure to the Global markets dates back more than 30 years to my involvement with the international team at Scudder Stevens & Clark. In addition, we had to have a global understanding to evaluate many of the US multinational companies that we used at TCW. So while the investment process at Chautauqua has been consistently applied since 1987, frequently in a global context, its application to international portfolios began in 2006. Why international? First of all, worldwide investing offers an expanded opportunity set. Approximately 95% of the global population and about three-quarters of the world's economic activity (based on nominal GDP) occurs outside the United States. Second, given elevated growth rates in these non-US countries, active managers simply have more opportunity to find advantaged, high-quality growth investments – active management has had significant headwinds since the 2008 financial crisis, but we think active management continues to add value in the non-US markets. We believe a sound strategy around variables such as currency, country and sector can give active managers, like us, great opportunity to diversify within a concentrated portfolio."

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